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La Raza

[2018] Nominated for the Los Angeles Area Emmy and First place award at the 61st SoCal Journalism Awards. A co-production of Dignicraft and KCET-Link, in association with the Autry Museum of the American West and UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, for Artbound.

In East Los Angeles during the late 1960s and 1970s, a group of young activists used creative tools like writing and photography as a means for community organizing, providing a platform for the Chicano Movement in the form of the bilingual newspaper/magazine La Raza.

In the process, the young activists became artists themselves and articulated a visual language that shed light on the daily life, concerns and struggles of the Mexican-American experience in Southern California and provided a voice to the Chicano Rights Movement. The archive of nearly 25,000 images defined pivotal moments, key players, and the symbols of Chicano activism.


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